*KU's, Camels, and Water

(A Note of Advice to Students--
Young and Old)

By Mr. Powell

    A bottle of water in an oasis and a bottle of water in the middle of the desert are equal only in volume, not value.

    A smart camel takes advantage of this principle and wisely takes in adequate water before embarking on a destination. Shouldn't smart students likewise take in sufficient KU's before embarking on his or her destiny, especially since KU's determine to a significant degree one's future?

    Stored KU'
$ in a student's brain--like stored water inside a camel's body in the desert--are not only potentially and preeminently profitable for the job ahead. In addition, they are notably necessary in the ensuing, expansive journey through one's entire life, beyond the halls of academia.

    So, in every classroom, every day, think ahead. Particularly, practice programming your mind to perpetually acquire and accumulate KU's in volume and value at every opportunity. Do not waste any time, not a minute.

    Ponder this. Think about
$ like camels drink water in preparation for the journey.

    Have you considered that as a student your future income will  be determined from KU's largely originating in the classroom? Are you consciously working today on your future pay raise? If your answer is yes, you are wise. If your answer is no, then why not begin a conscious effort NOW? Little to lose and so much to gain!

    How prospective is that! Today and every day, classroom students everywhere can work on a future pay raise by thoroughly completing their assignments. Then by self-directing oneself and judiciously employing any additional free time to gather more KU's (to enhance your individual and personal aspirations), you become a more distinctive, unique, one-of-a-kind creature. With every KU you add, you become more extraordinaire and irreplaceable. Your stock value rises with every added KU!

    Are you smarter than a camel drinking voluminous amounts of water? Yes, if you're taking in voluminous amounts of KU's. Remember this: pay day is somewhere ahead of you in the not-too-distant future. Will you be satisfied with your remuneration?

*Knowledge Units: Bits of things you know or learn and store in the computer between your ears, similar to pixels in a digital picture. The more, the better--the brighter your future! Correlation: The more KU's you posess, the more money you can expect to earn, e.g., the ditch digger vs. the doctor.

I am available to substitute for you any school days except those shown below under "Not Available to Sub Dates."

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I will promptly acknowledge the assignment(s) via the email address you provide.

So quick and easy--from start to finish!
*My wife Kay is a retired Georgia certified teacher. She is a substitute teacher as well. If you need her to sub for any date other than her Not Available to Sub Dates listed below, please feel free to "confirm and assign" her to fill your absence(s).

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